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Voicing Indigenous women

The Iskweu (ish-kway {Woman in Cree}) Project is a prevention and intervention project aimed at eradicating the
possibility of Indigenous women and girls going missing or
being murdered.

As project coordinator, Jessica Quijano is a first contact in the case where an Indigenous woman or girl ( trans, two-spirit) goes missing or is murdered. She works to ensure reports are taken seriously by the police, while supporting young woman who are in crisis and their families. Beyond this challenging work, Jessica has been bringing awareness o the needs of homeless population most at risk during the pandemic, and calling for more preventative measures to be taken by the government. – Grove campus

Nicole Janis Qavavauq-Bibeau, newly Iskweu’s research coordinator, has a role of uncovering the numbers of victims that is related to the MMIWG2S in Quebec communities. Because of the lack of trust between authorities and Indigenous communities members, no one has the true numbers of victims of the crisis of MMIWG2S.

Get involved


All the funds of donations and sold merchandise goes towards Iskweu organisation, supporting families, organizing Vigils etc.

Become a volunteer

Iskweu organizes events and always need volunteers. Join us in giving a voice to those who lost theirs and actively join us in changing positively Indigenous lives.



The Native women’s shelter of Montreal and Iskweu organised the protest justice for Joyce in October. Thousands came to show solidarity of the mistreatment of Indigenous people in modern society.

Iskweu also brings awareness of the MMIWG2ST+ like co-organizing the vigils.